HYSOLID is a player software that can play high resolution music by only activating the PC.
No need for signing in Windows. It can be easily operated by the designated smart phone app.

Playing as solid as is

HYSOLID was developed to seek the best quality of sound more than anything. HYSOLID’s playing engine is meticulously engineered to the details to minimize the computing noise towards the sound data and noises generated from I/O etc. to realize more natural playing of the original sound.

> Concept

Hi-Res audio player software

Control Hi-Res audio playback on PC
with a smartphone.

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It is FREE to Use

HYSOLID is now available for free of charge.

Compatible with the high-resolution audio DSD 11.2MHz

Also, it is compatible with PCM (WAC, FLAC)'s 44.1kHz-384kHz, and DSD (DSF)'s 2.8MHz-11.2MHz

*It will be compatible with DSDIFF(.dff).

Easy Installation

It is easy to install A. No special knowledge required.


Compatible with ASIO and WASAPI

It is compatible with both ASIO and WASAPI (exclusive mode). It enables the bit-perfect reproduction of the sound. DSD plays in ASIO native method with ASIO, and in DoP method with WASAPI.

*ASIO is a trademark and software of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.

Artworks are displayed when WAV is played

By saving the artwork image in the same folder with the sound source, the artwork is displayed when you are playing the music with the smart phone app. In FLAC and DSD, by saving the artwork image in the same files, it displays the artwork in priority.

It displays DAC’s Operation Mode

You can check the features of the sound source in play and the DAC’s operation mode (sampling rate and bit depth).
It also indicates by markings whether it is bit-perfect or not.

User Registration

To use HYSOLID, you need to register. Please register now.

* Our company(Component Design Corp.) carefully deals with personal information which was registered. Terms of Use

User Registration

* edit account or resign


The software is ready to be downloaded.
The Player software is available for this site.

Terms of Use
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Agree and Download

Windows Software Version: 2.0

For Windows 7 - 10

Recommended storage: SSD

The remote control app is available for installation at App Store and Google Play.

App store  Google Play

App Store

For iOS 8~9

Google Play

For Android ver.4~6

Your Feedbacks, Opinions and Requests

Please send us your feedbacks on the normal functions or troubles of HYSOLID. Please help us.
Your opinions and requests are also welcome.

Your Feedbacks, Opinions and Requests

How to use HYSOLID

  1. Complete user registration for HYSOLID on this site.
  2. Install ‘HYSOLID’s software for Windows.
  3. Launch the ‘HYSOLID Tool', and sign in. In the displayed screen, specify the folder in which you saved the sound sources.
  4. Connect the smartphone to the same network as the PC.
  5. Install the app for iPhone or Android, and sign in. Select USB DAC you would like to use.

Now you are all set. When you choose a song in the smart phone app, it will play it on your PC.

Operation check models

We will introduce USB-DAC which we checked regarding the playback operations using HYSOLID.

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