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Aiming a low-noise playback by reducing the load on the PC as low as possible

When we developed HYSOLID, we were strongly aware that just as audio equipment is different from general industrial products, playback software is also a part of the "Audio" for which a special quality is required.

By thinking that the special quality required for the playback software is "to aim a low-noise playback by reducing the load on the PC as low as possible," we made this thought as the development concept of HYSOLID.

HYSOLID has been developed by pursuing this simple concept from the design of the entire software structure to the detailed data manipulation. Please enjoy the difference of the sound by low load by all means.

Method for realizing the low load

Enabling playback by turning ON the PC -> Largely avoids the PC load generated from other software

HYSOLID was designed so that you can use it by turning ON the PC in order to avoid the influence of other software as much as possible. You need not sign in to Windows unlike other general software.

Since many of Windows programs in both OS and applications operate starting from the Windows sign-in, we have considered this design is particularly important for the PC audio.

Operation is made by smartphone apps -> Avoids the PC load by the user interface

HYSOLID has been enabled to operate with smartphone apps. We have reduced the PC load generated from the user interface (screen display and screen operation) on the PC like other software.

Our own linkage method -> Reduces the PC load of data communication

For the linkage between the smartphone apps and the Windows software, we have adopted the original bi-directional protocol that is designed to reduce the PC load at top priority by avoiding the general scheme or protocols such as DLNA and HTTP. Furthermore, the communication data itself has also been designed to be compact.

For the data format of the communication data, we have adopted UTF-16 for characters and little endian for numerical values so that the software on the Windows can handle them at the lowest load.

Precisely implemented playback core -> Reduces the PC load of playback logic

In order to minimize the PC load of playback, the logic portion from reading sound source data from a file up to delivering it to the DAC of the driver becomes important.

We call this logic portion as "playback core," and have implemented it particularly precisely.

When implementing the playback core, we dare to postpone the elements such as securing the readability that is emphasized in the general software development and reducing the implementation scale to prioritize to minimize the load that the playback core gives on the PC.

Cancelling the read cache by the OS -> Reduces the PC load of data read

In reading the sound source data, HYSOLID has adopted a system to directly read the memory of the playback software without using the read buffer by the OS. This produces an effect to reduce the PC load when reading the sound source data.

* The target functions will be applied to the WAV and DSD playback using a local storage.

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