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Sound Quality

Q. What are the positive and negative points of HYSOLID sound?
A. Both at an audition even, which made a comparison with popular playback softwares like HQ-Player and JMRC, and at an audio test carried out with audio maker professionals, HYSOLID was rated positively as a sound of high quality.
Q. What are the sound characteristics?
A. Below are some impressions of people who listened to HYSOLID comparing with other softwares:
- The sound field is spacious.
- The quietness increases.
- The noise floor is low.
- There is few noise in the sound, and feels soft to the ear.
- Feels energetic.
Q. Is the sound better if I do not login to Windows?
A. Many users have commented that not logging in to Windows produces a higher sound quality.
Q. Which is better: WAV or FLAC?
A. WAV demands a smaller load from the PC, making it advantageous in terms of sound quality.
For reference: with HYSOLID, when a FLAC file is played, Windows' read cache is always active, but when a WAV file is played, it can be changed (the default is OFF). When it comes to sound quality, read cache OFF is advantageous. Although we have received a feedback saying it sounds better with it turned ON.

Usage Environment

Q. Can I use it with a PC alone?
A. The playback control of HYSOLID is done by smartphone application. At the moment, we have not developed a way to control it with a PC alone. Please have your smartphone ready to use. *HYSOLID adopts a construction that aims for high quality sound through the reduction of load to the PC, which is accomplished by creating the user interface in a smartphone application.
Q. I cannot play it with my PC's internal audio interface.
A. DAC needs to be compatible with WASAPI's exclusive mode or with a specification called ASIO. As most of PC internal audio interfaces do not meet this requirement, many times it is not possible to play it.
Q. Does it require internet connection?
A. Yes. As the connection information between PC and smartphone is linked via a server, an internet connection is required. However, for controls such as viewing information of available tracks and playing them, the smartphone and PC are linked directly over Wi-Fi network, without going through the server.
Q. Can I use the smartphone application in an iPad or iPod Touch?
A. Yes. iPads and iPods with iOS 8 or later can be used.
*For iPad, please install the iPhone version of the app. When you search the HYSOLID in the AppStore from an iPad, please select the iPhone app from the options.


Q. When I specify an NAS folder, no song is displayed in the app.
A. If you are going to use NAS, please pay attention to the following:
(1) Network drive letters cannot be used in the folder names. (Example: Z:\)
(2) Folders with security settings of user ID and password cannot be used. Only folders that do not require user ID or password to be accessed can be specified for the use of NAS. (For reference: as Windows has a mechanism of remembering user ID and password, in some cases, user ID and password are not asked, even if it is a folder that requires them.)
Q. During the playback, I can hear a cracking or a humming noise.
A. When there is a delay in the reading process of the music source data, a noise occurs. Below is the countermeasure:
(1) Open the task manager and verify if the CPU usage rate, when nothing is being executed, stays in one digit. If tasks such as Windows Update are being executed, wait for it finish.
(2) Startup HYSOLID Tool, and check the Noise Countermeasure Mode. Because of reading cash, noise caused by reading delay decreases. This setting is only effective when WAV and DSD files are being played. (HYSOLID Tool can be started up with the icon in the desktop.)
(3) When both HDD and SSD are available for use, we recommend SSD.
(4) If there are multiple drives, we recommend the use of the drive where the OS is not installed (if they have the same capacity).
Q. I try to play the music from the smartphone app control, but it doesn't play.
A. If the seconds display does not start counting even after you press play, it is possible that the connection between the PC and the smartphone has been cut off. In those cases, please restart the smartphone application. When it happens frequently, restarting the smartphone itself or the Wi-Fi router may help solving the problem.
Q. Unintended artworks are being displayed.
A. When the music source folder contains an in JPEG or PNG format, that file is displayed with priority. When you want the images included in the FLAC or DSF files to be displayed, please move the images in that folder to some place else.


Q. If the battery of my smartphone drains out during the playback, is there any way to stop the music?
A. You can stop the playback with either of the following methods:
(1) Startup the HYSOLID tool and press OK button in the specified folder.
(2) Shut down or restart the PC.
Q, When I am away from home, is it possible to control the playback on my PC at home, with my smartphone?
A. As it is necessary that the PC and smartphone are connected to the same network, it is not possible to remotely control the playback with the standard method.
Q. Should I connect my PC to a wired connection or Wi-Fi?
A. It is possible to play it with either wired or wireless connection, but the network works more stably with a wired connection.
Q. Which has a better sound: WASAPI or ASIO?
A. There is no clear superiority or inferiority between WASAPI and ASIO. We suggest you ask DAC's developer or distributor for a recommendation, or listen to a sample of both.


Q. Why is it free?
A. We offer HYSOLID for free so that a larger number of users can use it and rate it, and help us improve it to become an even superior software. If you have used HYSOLID, please do not forget to write us your impressions, opinions and requests.
Q. Are there ads being displayed in the app?
A. At the moment, we are not displaying ads.
Q. Can I use it a demonstrations of audio shops and auditions?
A. Yes, naturally. I will be glad if you use it.

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